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I believe in God.
Religion is absurd.
Creating rules and regulations
based on the system of belief and faith
and to punish someone
for not believing in the same thing
is ridiculous. Once I found its absurdism,
I realized I was more religious than ever.

I believe in God.
Life is absurd. To live
is insane, and painful,
and filled with doubt, disappointment,
and so much darkness,
that to continue living
is insane and ill advised.
Only once I realized this
did I find reason for living.

I believe in God.
Absolute truth is absurd
and not real. Everything is relative.
Everything matters. We create
our own truths, our own rules.
Fact is not truth. We do not live
for fact, we live for truth.
All words, all ideas, all beliefs
are malleable, like water.

I believe in God.

Finally watching Frozen.

Finally watching Frozen.

I gave up on doing work. Ask me stuff.

Rant About Recent Events

I remember talking to my dad last year about the Trayvon verdict. When I was expressing my outrage and visible anger about the situation, I remember his tone and attitude was very different. It wasn’t that he agreed with it or by any means supports it. His tone was more like a veteran listening to a young soldier talk about war. He grew up in New York in the latter half of the 20th century, way before gentrification and this war on drugs bullshit. He’s been profiled, been abused, been stopped, been shot, been mugged, not only by police but by other people in his neighborhood. He has a hard time trusting people, even now that he lives in the suburbs. His tone wasn’t surprised. So when people, particularly mainstream white people, act surprised and appalled about what’s going on now in Ferguson, I think back to my dad and how this has always been happening. None of this is new. So what does the older generation do? Do they retire their stripes, or do they re-enlist and go back to fight? Is it even worth it if we know how this song is going to end? I like to think it’s worth it, but at the end of the day, we’re still people, and we still get tired. Still worth it though.

There are some poems I write that are too personal for this site.

Last year, people would ask me questions here or on the IKG tumblr and I was a real asshole answering them. I’m sorry for being a dick. I need to learn not to take my issues out on strangers on the internet. You can ask me questions and I’ll try to be a better answerer. 

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I’m 22 years old and I still wanna live my life like the last line in Catcher in the Rye.